Integrated Sources


Integrated AMC (AMC-I)
Virginia Diodes' Signal Generator Extension Modules (SGXs) provide high performance frequency extension of microwave signal generators into the THz range. VDI now offers integrated Amplifier / Multiplier Chains that provide industry leading performance in a compact package. VDI AMC-I products require a user supplied bias voltage. The product will be shipped with a heat sink. The heat sink may be removed but the user is required to provide sufficient heat sinking. 

VDI Integrated AMC Technical Notes:
-AMC-I products require a user supplied voltage. +9V expected for AMC-I Module. +5V expected for attached fan. 
-AMC-I products are shipped with a heat sink and fan, but may be removed. If heat sink and fan are removed, user must provide sufficient heat sinking. Maximum case temperature should not exceed 45° C.
-Listed dimensions do not account for external heat sink. 
-All input connectors are 2.9mm(f) compatible.
-No test port is included with the module. Contact VDI for pricing on test ports (1" and 2" test ports are available).
-Includes TTL modulation (on/off up to ~kHz) and User Controlled Attenuation (UCA), 0-5V.


- External Micrometer driven RF Attenuator (~0 - 30dB)
- Output Horn Antenna
- Waveguide Test Port Extensions (1" and 2" options available)

 [email protected] for more information.