Custom Transmitters  


VDI offers a wide variety of millimeter-wave transmit systems that cover 50GHz to ~3THz. These systems incorporate VDI's frequency multipliers coupled with commercially available amplifiers and/or microwave sources/oscillators. 

Most VDI transmit systems fall under one of two categories:
1. Amplifier / Multiplier Chains (AMC)
-Requires a customer supplied low frequency input signal (typically <20 GHz, 10dBm). 
2. Transmitter (Tx)
-Integrates an AMC with a low frequency source.
Transmit systems are designed for either high-power or full waveguide band operation. High power systems use VDI's D-series frequency doublers (i.e. D52, D102, etc) to achieve maximum multiplier efficiency and power handling. Full waveguide band transmit systems utilize VDI's WR series frequency doublers or triplers having lower efficiency but broadband capability. 
Standard features of VDI AMCs and TXs include: 
- Single switch DC power supply & cable
- Electronic output power control (0-5 VDC input)
- Electronic TTL AM modulation
- Configured on an open-plate with holes for optical mounting
Standard Amplifier / Multiplier Chains
VDI Signal Generator Extension (SGX) Modules is a line of amplifier / multiplier chains that offer full waveguide band coverage in a 8" x 5" x 3" black box. These units are used to extend traditional signal generators into the millimeter-wave and THz range. Click here for more information. 
SGX Modules with coverage from 170-1100 GHz or 140-900 GHz
Customers may consider a modular Signal Generator Extension (SGX) design with rapidly interchangeable components. This configuration covers multiple frequency bands while offering turn-key operation. Click here for more information.  
Performance of VDI Custom Sources
The graphs provide customers with some examples of custom sources VDI has developed. This is only a small subset of VDI's capabilities. VDI continues to make improvements in output power and bandwidth. Contact VDI with your output frequency and output power requirements. 
Click on the circled number above the frequency band to see sample VDI products.