Integrated Receivers


Integrated MixAMC (MixAMC-I)

Virginia Diodes' standard Spectrum Analyzer Extension (SAX) modules provide high performance broadband down-conversion and frequency extension of microwave spectrum analyzers into the THz range. VDI now offers integrated MixAMC modules that provide industry leading performance in a compact package. These integrated MixAMC modules can be used to down-convert millimeter-wave / THz signals only. Spectrum Analyzer Extension mode is not currently available for the MixAMC-I products. Integrated MixAMC modules utilize a low frequency LO input (<20 GHz) and have a separate IF output port. These modules are configured for high IF bandwidth.

General MixAMC-I Technical Notes:
-MixAMC-I products require a user supplied voltage. Voltage will vary across different models (Expected voltages: WR15 to WR10: +9V, WR8.0 to WR5.1: +7.2V, WR4.3 to WR2.2: +6.2V). +5V expected for for attached fan. 
-MixAMC-I products are shipped with a heat sink and fan, but may be removed. If heat sink is removed, user must provide sufficient heat sinking. Maximum case temperature should not exceed 45° C. 
-To reduce noise contributions from provided fan, VDI recommends operating the fan on a separate and isolated power supply. 
-All LO input and IF connectors are 2.9mm(f).
-Standard configuration includes a ~100kHz-40GHz IF amplifier, ~12 dB @ ~300 MHz. There is no direct access to mixer IF port.
-User can choose to remove the IF amplifier from the MixAMC-I. If the IF amplifier is removed, the IF port is extremely ESD sensitive. To choose this option, add -N to the part name of the Purchase Order. For example, for WR10MixAMC-I with no IF amplifier, customer must specify WR10MixAMC-I-N on the Purchase Order. 
-No test port is included with the module. Contact VDI for pricing on test ports (1" and 2" test ports are available).
-Intrinsic mixer conversion loss is measured at IF~1GHz, loss increases at a rate of about 1.5dB/10GHz up to the specified maximum IF.


- External Micrometer driven RF Attenuator (~0 - 30dB)
- Output Horn Antenna
- Waveguide Test Port Extensions (1" and 2" options available)


 [email protected] for more information.