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12/4/23: VNAX with Higher Test Port Power

VDI now offers VNA Frequency Extension Modules with Higher Test port Power compared to the standard VNAX modules at WR-6.5 (110-170 GHz) and WR-4.3 (170-260 GHz) with more frequency bands and output power levels under development. Please contact VDI for more information. 
Product Specifications for VNAX-HP Modules


 Port Power 
(typ., est.)

WR-6.5 110 - 170  WR6.5VNATxRxM-HP2 17 
WR-4.3 170 - 260   WR4.3VNATxRxM-HP4   17 

WR4.3HighPower12 01 23BORDERED

WR4.3HighPower12 01 23BORDERED