Fundamental Mixers (FM)

Virginia Diodes offers the WR1.5IDHFM Integrated Diagonal Horn Fundamental Mixer. Specifications are shown below. Other bands may be available upon request. 


    WR1.5IDHFM Fundamental Mixer
Parameter Specification
LO/RF Input 694 GHz 
(Diagonal Horn ~25 dB Gain)
IF Output 2.0 kHz-20 MHz 
[SMA(f) connector] 
IF Gain X200 
Fixed Voltage Gain 
RF Power (Linear / Damage) <10µW / 100 µW 
LO Power (Linear / Damage) ~100µW / 1 mW 
Responsivity 750 V/W 

   Dimensions (without Bias Box) for WR1.5IDHFM are available here. 

  Please contact VDI for more information at [email protected].