Synthesizers and Frequency Counter




VDI's synthesizers were designed specifically for VDI sources and receivers with features targeted for Terahertz applications. VDI frequency counters were designed specifically to measure the fundamental frequencies driving VDI frequency extenders.   

8-20 GHz VDI Synthesizer


  • 8-20 GHz Synthesizer
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • Frequency Sweeping Capability
  • Excellent Phase Noise Characteristics
  • Software based USB Control
  • Click on Synthesizer tab for specifications



Economy Synthesizer


  • >2 GHz Bandwidth Synthesizer up to 16 GHz
  • 3 ms Switching Speed
  • 12 Hz Step Size
  • Good Phase Noise Characteristics
  • Software based USB Control
  • Click on Economy Synthesizer tab for specifications

Synthesizer economypix

Frequency Counter


  • 0.5-20 GHz Frequency Counter
  • Compact
  • Variable Measurement Speed
  • Software control through USB port
  • No wall plug or external power supply needed
  • Click on Frequency Counter tab for specifications

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